Maritime & Port security

Critical border control or search and rescue missions made possible

Sensitive areas such as harbours require more than ever heightened perimeter security. They are increasingly subject of piracy, illegal immigration, illegal fishing, unwanted intrusion and other organised crime.

Another critical component in this domain is the search for victims or objects under the worst weather conditions, in large areas and mostly at night.

What are maritime & port security cameras used for?

  • Anti-piracy
  • Coast guard
  • Border security
  • Law enforcement
  • Maritime security
  • Coastal protection
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Immigration and trafficking in human beings

What do we offer?

Xenics’ reliable infrared imaging cameras perfectly cover the critical tasks of general surveillance, detection, recognition or identification.

What features are needed?

  • Easy-to-integrate
    We offer standard digital or analogue interfaces for easy integration, operation and maintenance
  • Lightweight and compact design
    A crucial point for all system integrators. Our XenicsCores are very light and extremely compact
  • Rugged and small cameras
    The ruggedness and size of our infrared cameras are important features for an imaging system. The smaller the camera, the easier it is to integrate. Rugged cameras withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Superior image quality
    Our cameras are equipped with several image enhancement algorithms. This results in a superior image quality under all weather and light conditions

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Extreme compact size and low weight

Given the extremely compact size and low weight of the Xenics XS-1.7-320 SWIR camera it was extremely easy to integrate it into our existing optical setup.

University of Strathclyde