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LN2 cooled high resolution SWIR camera

Designed to have the lowest noise and highest sensitivity for low-light-level measurements

The Cougar-640 excels in performance for any R&D spectroscopy or semiconductor failure analysis task. These demanding applications, where very low light levels need to  be measured, require cameras with low dark current, low noise and best response in the SWIR range. All of these features are now combined in one single camera.

The in-house developed InGaAs detector of the Cougar-640 is optimized for 77K operation, using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling and is based on a SFD (Source Follower per Detector) read-out topology for ultra-low noise levels ever seen (15 e-). Integration time of several hours is possible with the RWI (Read While Integrate) feature with nondestructive readout and very low dark current of less than 10e-/second.

The Cougar-640 features a high image resolution of 640 x 512 with a 20 μm pixel pitch and full 24 bit ADC. Camera interfacing is provided via standard CameraLink for ease of integration.

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Benefits & features

  • Lowest noise
    A low noise detector means high sensitivity for small signals
  • High sensitivity
    A low noise detector means high sensitivity for small signals
  • Low dark current
    Low dark current allows for longer integration times and better signal to noise ratios
  • Windowing for enhanced focusing
    A camera can use a reduced window of interest for higher frame rates
  • Measuring extreme low light signals
    Detection of very faint light levels is possible with low noise, low dark
  • Extreme long integration time with non-destructive readout
    Detection of very faint light levels is possible with low noise, low dark current detectors - the non destructive read out allows for additional noise cancellation techniques

Designed for use in

  • Astronomy
    Various applications in astronomy - laser guide stars, detection of exoplanets, etc…
  • Raman spectroscopy
    Detection of Raman shift under stimulation of a laser at 1064 nm
  • Low light level SWIR imaging
    Detection of faint light levels with a cooled SWIR camera
  • High resolution imaging spectroscopy
    Possible to do a spectroscopy analysis with suitable spectroscopy optics
  • Failure analysis via photon emission or electro-luminescence
    Detection of faint light levels with a cooled SWIR camera


Compatible with a variety of framegrabbers

Several compatible frame grabbers for CameraLink interface are available

IR camera software included

Xeneth camera control and imaging software is included


External trigger for signal synchronization

Windowing mode

Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates

24 bit image

Digitization: The camera uses a 24 bit ADC

High sensitivity

Low noise for detection of small signals

High resolution

640x512 pixel resolution

Camera specifications

Array Specifications

Array Specifications XFPA-1.7-640-LN2
Array type InGaAs
Spectral band 0.9 μm to 1.7 μm at room temperature; 0.9 μm to 1.55 μm at 77K cooling
Resolution 640 x 512
Pixel pitch 20 μm
Array cooling LN2 (77K)
Pixel clock frequency 125 kHz
Pixel operability > 98 %

Camera Specifications

Camera Specifications Cougar-640
Optical interface Custom lens mount
Imaging performance
Frame rate (full frame) 1.42 Hz
Window of interest Minimum size 2 x 4
Exposure time range Illuminated mode with ITR: 12.5 ns – 53.7 sec Emission mode with RWI: 0.7 sec – till saturation
Full well capacity 400.000 e-
Gain 2.2 μV/e-
Noise 15 e- (@T=77K in RWI mode)
Dark current < 10 e-/s (@T=77K)
ADC 24 bit
Camera control CameraLink
Image acquisition Base CameraLink (24 bit)
Trigger Trigger in and out (3.3 V CMOS)
Power requirements
Power consumption < 600 mA
Power supply 12 V
Physical characteristics
Dimensions electronics housing 100 W x 130 H x 40 L mm3
Dimensions Dewar 93 W x 207 H x 178 L mm3
Weight electronics module 0.6 kg
Weight Dewar 2.1 kg

Broad range of accessories available

Lens & filter options


  • Xeneth


Application notes
Low-noise SWIR InGaAs camera accelerates Melanoma diagnosis Dutch researchers have used the Cougar-640 to develop a cutting-edge method to accelerate the diagnosis of melanoma
Semiconductor failure analysis using SWIR cameras Cooled, very sensitive detectors are critical for low-light-level measurements in spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging, and photon emission measurements, including semiconductor failure analysis.
Carbon nanotubes applications We review of the use and advantages of (single-walled) carbon nanotubes in a variety of applications in this paper.


Scientific brochure Cougar-640

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