High end Cheetah-640 aims at high speed SWIR imaging

High end Cheetah-640 aims at high speed SWIR imaging

March, 2008, Orlando, Florida, USA, --- Xenics' latest release of its highend, power PC-based, high-speed imaging system Cheetah is an InGaAs focal-plane array camera that covers the standard SWIR (short-wave infrared) wavelength area 0.9 to 1.7 μm - with all control and communications circuitry in one housing. Cheetah offers a high resolution of 640 x 512 pixels at a maximum full frame rate of 1,730 Hz. In a reduced region-of-interest mode, more than 100,000 fps is feasible.

Xenics' new high-speed, power PC-based Cheetah for the SWIR (0.9 to 1.7 μm) features a 640 x 512 pixel InGaAs array. This InGaAs detector features a new Xenics ROIC (read-out integrated circuit) optimized for high speed with 16 outputs and a 40 MHz pixel rate. The Cheetah camera includes a graphical user interface that provides direct access to various camera settings, such as exposure time, region-of-interest and gain. Moreover, a fast and easy non-uniformity correction (two-point) procedure is available. The camera's power PC allows for a data interface based on the TCP/IP Gigabit Ethernet protocol and more advanced correction procedures. Alternatively, also a CameraLink data interface is foreseen.

The new Cheetah camera can be operated in two modes:

  • Stand-alone, using the on-board memory (up to 16 GB) for extremely fast data acquisition. At 1,730 full frames per second, recording time is limited to 15 seconds;
  • Continuous streaming, using a PC and the CameraLink interface for continuous data streaming (frame rate is limited by the CameraLink interface speed).

The new Cheetah digital camera is equipped with 14-bit ADCs and is operated from a single 12 V/5 A power supply (included in the delivery). A C-mount fixture allows the use of all standard optical lenses. A mediumspeed version of the Cheetah (400 fps maximum) will also be available. In this advanced and user-friendly configuration, uniquely combining extreme high speed, high resolution and best sensitivity in a reliable InGaAs array, the new Cheetah is perfectly suited for high-speed imaging in the SWIR range for a variety of applications (medical, R&D, wavefront sensing, etc.).

Versatile infrared analysis and reporting software

The Xeneth user interface is common to all the Xenics cameras. This makes it easy for customers to apply their familiarity with this comprehensive product to any new applications, covering wide ranging capabilities in various parts of the IR spectrum.

Learn it once and apply it over and over again.

Karl Niedermeyer, President, Spectro Associates, Inc.