What is the difference between Xeneth software and the Xeneth SDK?

Xeneth is a software dedicated for users to parameterize our infrared cameras e.g. during first setups and trials. The Software Developers Kit (SDK) is a pure library of camera commands and calls to integrate the camera within the software application of the user.

You can find the specifications of Xeneth in its different configurations, the Xeneth SDK and the Xeneth LabVIEW SDK on our software page.

World's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope

Xenics enabled Semicaps to realize the world's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope in 2004. Since then Xenics and sInfraRed have supported us in our endeavors for better sensitivity and resolution in photon and thermal emission microscopy.

Chua Choon Meng, CEO Semicaps