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Gobi-640- GigE: High resolution uncooled thermal camera

Smallest thermal GigE camera

The Gobi-640 thermal camera is now also available with an industry-standard GigE Vision interface and is based on a fully transformed platform. The 640 x 480 uncooled microbolometer array features a small pixel pitch of only 17 µm and detects temperature differences as small as 0.05 ºC. Together with the powerful readout and processing electronics this guarantees unparalleled uniform and crisp thermal images. The Gobi-640-GigE offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of frame rate, user interface and temperature range, enabling the user to adapt it to various industrial settings at optimum operational conditions. All camera functions can be optimized according to user applications context.

Gobi-640 GigE LWIR cameraGigE-I1.png

Gobi-640-GigE: High resolution uncooled thermal camera

Key features

  • Uncooled microbolometer array
  • 8 to 14 µm sensitivity
  • 640 x 480 on 17µm pixel pitch 
  • Frame rate 50Hz
  • Stand-alone or PC-controlled
  • GigE Vision interface
  • Power over Ethernet

Gobi-640-GigE: Fast data transfer of HD thermal images.

You will enter a new era of easy, fast, efficient and comfortable connectivity with the Gobi-640-GigE infrared camera. The advantages of a high quality infrared camera are now combined with the power of a GigE interface. Excellent image quality, high thermal resolution (0.05°C) and accurate thermal analysis capabilities guarantee the most versatile R&D tool on the market.

This combination makes it ideal for instant, accurate and cost-effective evaluation of your thermal imaging. Using the Gobi-640-GigE will bring your analysis to the next level of accuracy!

Need for customization? A variety of industry standard accessories is available.

Key Benefits


  • Smallest thermal GigE camera
  • Realtime
  • High sensitivity
  • Power over ethernet
  • High image resolution
  • Complete infrared system

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Gobi-640-GigE: Detailed specifications (preliminary)


 Array Specifications


 Array type

Uncooled microbolometer (a-Si)

 Spectral band

 8 µm to 14 µm

 # Pixels

 640 x 480

 Pixel pitch

 17 µm

 Array cooling


 Sensitivity (NETD)  ≈ 50 mK @ 30°C with F/1 lens
 Pixel operability > 99%


 Camera  Specifications


 Lens (Included)

 Focal length

 18 mm f/1, HFOV 34°, standard manual focus

 Optical interface

Multiple lens mount

 Imaging Performance

 Frame rate

Max 50Hz

 Window of interest  Minimum size 160 x 120

 Integration type

 Rolling shutter
 Temperature stabilization No thermoelectric cooling required (TEC-less)

 A to D conversion resolution

 16 bit


 Camera control

GigE Vision

 Video out

GigE Vision

In or out

 Operating mode Stand-alone or PC-controlled

 Power Requirements

 Power consumption

 2.0 W

 Power supply

3.3 V

 Physical Characteristics

 Shock 70 G, 2 ms halfsine profile (without shutter)


 4.5 G (5Hz to 500Hz)

 Ambient operating temperature

 -40°C to 60°C


49 W x 49 H x 77 L mm³
 Weight camera head < 500 g (lens not included)

 Software Specifications


 Software control

 Image live view

 Store digital pictures/movies

 Image histogram

 Line profiles, Spot meters, Time profiles

Subframe dimensions and position

 Digital zoom 

 Black hot / White hot

 Flip Video: left/right, up/down

 False color mode with various color palettes

+ thermography option


Gobi-640-GigE: Applications

The Gobi-640-GigE is a high resolution uncooled thermal camera designed for use in a scientific or an industrial environment. It is developed for use in a wide variety of applications:

Media Library

Application Example

Infection.png Stress analysis_1.jpg XMID_640_PCB2.jpg


Application Movies

Gobi-640-GigE: Documentation

All additional information about our Gobi-640-GigE high resolution uncooled thermal camera can be found within the following documentation:


Scientific brochure
Industrial brochure

Press Releases

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