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Xenics offers affordable airborne gimbals for Latin America at FIDAE in Chile


The Xenics Pumair airborne systems are designed for coast guard and border patrol, police and other authorities, who must operate and source their equipment under severe budget constraints. These systems are based on a combination of a high definition color and longwave (LWIR) infrared camera.

LWIR cameras are ideal for the detection and tracking of thermal events, whereas visible cameras can provide color information and better recognize real-time situations. A wide choice of zoom, single and multiple field of view lenses make the Pumair systems the ideal choice for any rotary or fixed wing aircraft pilot and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator.

The benefits are many and include that the high performance dual sensor systems are suitable for any light and varying weather conditions, are compact and light-weight, cost-effective and provide real-time remote detection with classification of thermal and non-thermal abnormalities that deserve attention from the appropriate authorities.


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Thermal Imagers in mobile systems for Security & Safety Market

It was a challenge to produce a mobile system for border control in just 6 months, but with Xenics as a partner we could apply for this project.

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