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Midwave thermal infrared camera extended into the SWIR

High-detectivity and high-uniformity for accurate analysis

The Onca-MWIR-InSb uses advanced real-time image correction and is equipped with a state of the art 2D InSb array with 640 x 512 or 320 x 256 image resolution. The Onca-MWIR-InSb camera offers 14-bit images at various frame rates. Two speed versions are available: a standard video rate version and a high speed version.

All camera functions can be customized and all settings are stored in nonvolatile memory to enable optimized use. The Onca-MWIR-InSb is optimized for highly stable thermal imaging and thermography applications. Camera control and image acquisition are possible according to two standards: CameraLink and GigE Vision.

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Benefits & features

  • Superframing
    Dynamic range enhancement technique combining several image frames with different integration times together in one "superframe"
  • Access to all camera settings
    Our standard Xeneth software allows for easy access to all camera settings
  • Microscopic objective lenses
    Microscope objective lenses (up to 4x magnification) are available for Onca cameras in the 3 to 5 um band
  • Simultaneously over GigE, CameraLink and analog out
    The onca camera can output images simultaneously over GigE and analog out, or CameraLink and analog out
  • User programmable filter wheel with multiple filters stacking
    The onca camera comes as standard with a filter wheel with 5 positions; in each position several filters can be mounted together
  • Temperature measurement accuracy within +/- 1°C or +/- 1%
    The onca camera can come with thermography as an option; temp measurement accuracy is +/- 1˚ C or +/- 1%
  • TrueThermal to stitch frames with different integration times
    A TrueThermal calibration allows for thermography with different integration time settings - this improves image quality and measurement accuracy for a variety of temperature ranges

Designed for use in

  • R&D
    Various scientific applications using infrared cameras in the 3 to 5 um range (or 1 to 5 um range)
  • Bio-Medical
    The MWIR are sensitive thermal cameras which can be used for temperature profiling of the human body
  • Thermography
    MWIR cameras can be used for accurate and stable temperature measurements (up to 2000degC)
  • Non-destructive testing
    Optical flash thermography, where the sample surface is heated by a brief pulse of heat/light. Mainly used for composites in aerospace industries
  • Industrial process monitoring
    Various applications based on thermal imaging in MWIR
  • Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS)
    Aircraft landing systems based on cooled MWIR cameras with broadband response (1 to 5um)


Compatible with a variety of framegrabbers

Several compatible frame grabbers for CameraLink interface are available


External trigger for signal synchronization

Windowing mode

Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates

14 bit image

Digitization: The camera uses a 14 bit ADC

Video output

Analog video output available


Temperature calibration for thermography in a variety of temperature ranges to optimize sensitivity and dynamic range

High speed

High frame rate imaging at more than 460fps in full frame 

High sensitivity

Low noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD)

High resolution

640x512 pixel resolution

High dynamic range

Superframing for increased dynamic range

Camera specifications

Array Specifications

Array Specifications Onca-MWIR-InSb-320 Onca-MWIR-InSb-640
Array type InSb
Spectral band 3.6 μm to 4.9 μm (optional 1.0 μm to 5.5 μm)
Resolution 320 x 256 640 x 512
Pixel pitch 30 μm 15 μm
Array cooling Stirling cooled
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 17 mK < 20 mK
Pixel operability > 99.5 %

Camera Specifications

Camera Specifications Onca-MWIR-InSb-320 Onca-MWIR-InSb-640
Focal length 25 mm
Optical interface Bayonet
Imaging performance
Frame rate: Video rate 60 Hz 30 Hz
Frame rate: High speed 460 Hz 100 Hz
Window of interest Minimum size 32 x 32 Minimum size 16 x 4
Integration time range > 1 μs - full range
ADC 14 bit
Camera control GigE (GigE Vision or Xeneth API) Serial channel CameraLink (XSP)
Image acquisition GigE Vision: 14 bit; CameraLink: 14 bit; Analog: PAL or NTSC
Trigger Trigger in and out; LVCMOS; pre and post trigger
Power requirements
Power consumption < 40 W (at room temperature)
Power supply 24 V
Physical characteristics
Camera cooling Forced convection cooling
Ambient operating temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (W x H x L mmᵌ) 170 x 190 x 250
Weight camera head 5 kg
Hardware specifications
Filter wheel options Start - stop mode
# filters Up to 5 filters, 25.4 mm diameter, 1.0 mm thickness

Broad range of accessories available

Lens & filter options


  • Xeneth
  • Xeneth SDK
  • Xeneth Labview SDK (optional)


Application notes
MWIR for remote sniffing and locating of gases A mid-wave infrared camera visualizes methane gas cloud leaking from a drilling platform


Scientific brochure Onca-MWIR-InSb

Professional service, knowledge and advice!

Secure in Air appreciates the professional service, knowledge and advice of Xenics in implementing the Gobi camera in our project GeoCampro. Our client was more than satisfied with the results, looking for (thermal) defects in the railways. 

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