Product Repair Procedure (RMA)

As Xenics is known for its dedicated service, we offer an entire range of repair and maintenance services done by our in-house support team. Our support team exists of extensively trained and highly experienced engineers with a complete knowlegde of all Xenics' products.

Product Repair Procedure (RMA)

Please be aware that the procedure differs on whether you have purchased your Xenics product from a distributor or directly from us.

1. Product Repair Form

The first step is to fill out the Product Repair Form. To ensure we are able to identify the problem please provide a detailed fault description and as much information as possible about the configuration.

Fill out the Product Repair Form

This form contains:

  • contact details
  • camera details
  • software details
  • problem details

In case you have purchased your Xenics product from a local distributor please send the Product Repair Form to them. They will ensure the follow up. 

In case you have purchased your Xenics product directly from us please send the Product Repair Form to and follow the steps below.


2. Acknowledgement Email

As soon as we receive the Product Repair Form, we will send you an Acknowlegdement Email containing:

  • RMA number (mention this number in all correspondence regarding the repair)
  • customer identification
  • product identification (type and serial number)

You will need this email to return the goods to Xenics HQ


3. Shipping

The next step is the shipment of the goods. Please make sure to:

  1. include the Acknowledgement Email
  2. include the Product Repair Form
  3. include all lenses and accessories needed for the repair
  4. mark the outside of the box with the RMA number you received in the Acknowledgement Email
  5. ship the goods to Xenics using a recorded delivery service and retain the tracking number


4. Repair

​After receipt of the goods we will continue with the repair.

  1. If the product is within the warranty period Xenics will repair the product and return it as soon as possible.
  2. If the product is out of warranty Xenics will issue a repair quotation within five working days after reception of the goods
  3. If the product should be repaired please issue a purchase order against the repair quotation. As soon as the product has been repaired it will be returned via your recorded delivery service and an invoice will be issued against the puchase order.
  4. If the product should not be repaired Xenics will invoice a diagnostic fee of 250€ and return the unpaired goods via the customer's recorderd delivery service.
  5. The repaired goods will be covered by a six-month warranty after shipment date. In case the product is under warranty this warranty will be extended by six months.


In case you have questions regarding our Product Repair Procedure, please contact us