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Ready-to-integrate thermal OEM module
High speed MWIR camera extendable into the SWIR realm
Highly stabilized and superior optical performance for long range monitoring
SWIR OEM module designed for cost-sensitive volume markets
XSW ready-to-integrate SWIR OEM Module
Ready-to-integrate SWIR OEM module consuming ultra-low-power
Ready-to-integrate thermal OEM module consuming ultra-low-power
Cooled and stable for excellent VisNIR image quality research

World's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope

Xenics enabled Semicaps to realize the world's first InGaAs camera photon emission microscope in 2004. Since then Xenics and sInfraRed have supported us in our endeavors for better sensitivity and resolution in photon and thermal emission microscopy.

Chua Choon Meng, CEO Semicaps