Tigris-640 joins the roster of ITAR free cameras

We are happy to announce that our Tigris-640 MWIR camera has recently received Commodity Jurisdiction approval.


The Tigris-640 is the latest to join the multitude of SWIR cameras that have previously also received Commodity Jurisdiction approval in the United States. 





What is International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR?

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR for short, is one of the export control regulations run by different departments of the US Government. It restricts the export of defense and military related technologies to foreign parties, including those who reside within the United States.



What does this mean for end-users in the United States?

Having the CJ approval for the Tigris-640 means that the MWIR camera will be free from ITAR restrictions in the United States.

The camera is now able to support non-military commercial educational and research institutes throughout the entire country without limitations by the ITAR restrictions.


The CJ approval grants accessibility to both US citizens and foreign researchers and engineers that might otherwise be restricted by the regulation.



What other cameras from Xenics are ITAR free?

In 2016, we have also managed to receive CJ approval for several of our SWIR cameras:


Bobcat 320 GigE

Bobcat 640 GigE

Bobcat 640 CL


Xeva 1.7 320 CL TE3

Xeva 1.7 640 CL TE3

Xeva 2.35 320 CL TE4 


In the LWIR realm, we also have CJ approval for the Serval-640 and the Gobi-640


For further inquiries regarding our cameras and ITAR regulations, feel free to contact us.