Xenics newsflash April 2018

Welcome back! Just like the year before us, it is an eventful start for Xenics. This means we’ve been busy making sure we continue to deliver quality products to our customers.


If you have been just as busy lately – no worries! This issue is guaranteed to provide everything you need to keep yourself up to date with Xenics. On top of exhibition highlights, we have great news to share, as well as articles and videos to expand your knowledge base. This issue will also focus on our latest product – the XLIN-FC SWIR linear detector series.


Thank you for your continued support and interest in Xenics. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the topics below. We will be happy to hear from you and provide answers to your inquiries.




Event Summary: BiOS & Photonics West 2018

Xenics booth at Photonics West


With the biggest photonics event in the United States happening in January, the stage is set for us to bring our best products at Photonics West 2018.



panel of our booth at Photonics West

Held once again at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the spotlight is placed on the brand new XLIN-FC detector series from Xenics. This innovative SWIR linear detector defines modern age SWIR imaging by offering high speed, high resolution, and low noise. Available in rectangular or square pixels, the XLIN-FC should not be missed for anyone working in demanding spectroscopy and machine vision applications.



Photonics West 2018 was the first instance where visitors could see the XLIN-FC up close. Live demo of popular products such as the Tigris-640 MWIR cooled camera and the Xeva-2.5-320 were also presented during the event.

The PRISM Finalist


Apart from our presence as an exhibitor, this year, we’ve also participated in the SPIE PRISM Awards.


XLIN-FC high speed detector

The product representing Xenics is none other than the XLIN-FC. Submitted for the category “Detectors and Sensors”, the XLIN-FC made its way to the finalist round against 2 other products.


Jointly organized by Photonics Media and SPIE, the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honors the best new photonic products on the market. The finalists and winners were decided by a diverse panel of 30 judges, each with a vast history and expertise in various industries.


The winners were announced in a black-tie gala award ceremony during the exhibition week. While Xenics did not come up on top (the award went to NKT Photonics), it has been a very exciting journey and we thank the judges for their consideration.


Rest assured: This would not be the last you hear about the XLIN-FC, keep reading!

Thermal lock-in: Semiconductor Device Analysis

Semiconductor device inspection:

Why you should consider thermal lock-in, and the XCO-640. Read the full article here.


In the content department, we focus our lens on one of the major industries of the world: Semiconductor.


Yield improvement through failure analysis has remained a key focus for many, and there are numerous methods to do so.


This article introduces the concept behind one such method known as thermal lock-in inspection. We outline the issues faced when using conventional thermal imaging methods, and demonstrate the advantage thermal lock-in brings when inspecting semiconductor devices.

The XCO-640 MWIR camera module enabled the application described in the article. Its effectiveness in wafer level inspection processes is illustrated through successful integration into a Thermal Microscope System.

Lower dark current, higher quality detectors


In his closing address for 2017, Mr Paul Ryckaert, CEO Xenics, wrote:


Xenics is steadily evolving towards a professional, pro-active, customer-oriented product and service provider. This is an ongoing change that we certainly want to continue in 2018.


In a recent development that stays true to the commitment and focus, Xenics improved its production capabilities and processes. Improvements include increases in clean room space, optimizing and reviewing processing techniques, as well as the use of new, modernized equipment.

The resulting benefit is evident by a significant reduction of dark current in the standard InGaAs SWIR detectors produced by Xenics.


What does this development mean to customers?

The detectors with improved dark current performance will soon be introduced in the Bobcat 640 cameras and Cheetah TE3 camera. These detectors will eventually find their way into all InGaAs SWIR cameras, including the vSWIR (visible enhanced short-wave infrared) models with extended response into the visible range.

At no additional costs customers will be receiving higher quality SWIR cameras, specifically in image quality where the detectors and cameras exhibit:

  1. a better signal-to-noise ratio;
  2. a larger dynamic range;
  3. a lower noise in the shot noise dominant region.

XLIN-FC helps secure win at ISEU Awards 2018

“It (the award) proves that through the correct process, development focus and combination of efforts, we can earn the proper recognition in the industry.”- Dr. Patrick Merken, Chief Operating Officer at Xenics (far right). Image courtesy of the ISEU press team.

Xenics is proud to receive the title “Biggest Innovator in the Image Sensor Industry” category for the Image Sensors Europe Awards 2018.


Hailed as the leading European event to drive forward the future of sensor applications, the award acknowledges the most outstanding achievements of companies and individuals.


The victory is in part thanks to the development of the XLIN-FC. During the nomination phase of the competition, Xenics detailed the milestones achieved through the development of the product for its submission entry.


During the presentation of the award, the successful, unique combination of high speed and low noise in the InGaAs SWIR industry was cited as the primary influence in the panel’s decision.

How new technologies enable new applications for linescan SWIR


Thanks for reading this issue of our Newsflash. We hope to have piqued your interest towards our XLIN-FC detectors, and that you are as excited as we are to unveil new developments in the coming months.


For now, we leave you with Raf Vandersmissen - Product Manager at Xenics and CEO of sInfraRed, as he shares innovative technologies that enable new applications for SWIR linescan detectors, including of course the new XLIN-FC.