Normas de exportação

Xenics nv (Belgium) and its subsidiary sInfraRed Pte Ltd (Singapore) manufacture infrared and thermal imaging products based on sensitive technologies, considered for export and re-export as dual use goods.

Dual use goods include a wide range of goods designed for commercial and civilian applications but which may have military applications, as described by the Wassenaar Agreement. For more info, please check:

Most of our products are controlled either by the Flemish export control authority (for manufacturing in Belgium) and/or strategic goods control of Singapore customs (for manufacturing in Singapore). The regulations set by STGC (Singapore Strategic Goods Control) will have to be complied with and more information can be found on:

In both cases, a dual use export license is required based upon the product’s Wassenaar dual use goods code or Product Code (*). 

Product type

Wassenaar dual use goods code / Product Code (*)

SWIR detectors two-dimensional:


SWIR detector linescan (square pixel):


SWIR camera two dimensional:


SWIR camera linescan (square pixel):


MWIR cameras:


LWIR cameras:


LWIR cameras (up to 9Hz frame rate):

not export controlled**

* In Singapore the Wassenaar dual use goods code is called “product code” for dual use goods. The product code is identical to Wassenaar dual use goods code but starting with “DL”, which stands for dual-use list.

** LWIR cameras with low frame rates (up to 9Hz) are classified as Wassenaar dual use goods code 6A993, and can be exported without an export license. Export outside of USA is also possible without an export license, except to embargoed countries.


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