Advanced In-house Design and Manufacturing of SWIR InGaAs Imagers image sensors


Xenics has a dedicated in-house design team delivering state-of-the-art imaging solutions for your advanced or specialized applications.


One of our core competences is in the design and manufacture of our own SWIR InGaAs image sensors.


This enables Xenics to have a vertical integration in its short-wave infrared (0.9 – 1.7 μm) portfolio of imagers.


Vertical integration brings a distinct set of advantages. Apart from a considerable control over the production process, our engineers face less restrictions in terms of product design.


Being able to improve all aspects of our paved the way for us to develop some of the most unique and top-tier SWIR cameras in the world.


Our customers also benefit from the wider range of customisation or selections to fit their application – right down to the detector level.


Summary of how Xenics designs and manufactures SWIR InGaAs imagers (e.g unique coating of SWIR lenses(anti-reflection), lens assemblies, etc).

swir ingaas imagers